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Christopher Smeltz

Co-Founder & Business Manager

I want to welcome you to DIY Psychology PLLC. We are excited that you have decided to choose us to be part of your journey. Chris has graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Biblical Studies from Lancaster Bible College. Previously, he has worked as a Social Worker with the adolescent population and a Drug and Alcohol Counselor prior to starting DIY Psychology.  


Behind the scenes at DIY Psychology PLLC, Chris designs a smooth website to make it as customer friendly as possible. Here, at DIY Psychology, we aim to create a simple and smooth process to make your life easier. We are always looking for advertising and/or marketing avenues to expand our practice’s ability to help those in the communities. If you have any questions about billing, you will be talking directly to me, and I will do my upmost to answer you to the best of my ability or solve any problems that may arise.


Here at DIY Psychology PLLC, my goal is to be proactive in providing answers to any questions you may have prior to having your consultation/interview. Here we pride ourselves on our transparency with our clients and co-workers.

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Christopher Smeltz
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