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Here at DIY Psychology PLLC, we strive to EMPOWER you as our client. We promote counseling services that provide a safe place of expression and protect your freedom of thought. We support the development of authenticity within each of our clients by tailoring services to their very specific needs. Together, we will work on understanding yourself through the revelations of emotions and/or thoughts that may have slipped past your line of sight. With our therapeutic tactics, and years of experience, we will achieve your growth through team work. 


Educate-to persistently provide valuable practical information

Empower-to provide education to gain greater emotional and practical independence. 


Challenge-to educate and empower to overcome or outmaneuver each challenge. 


Support- to provide education, empowerment, and challenges to know you are supported. 


Integrity-to persistently provide services to know that extra support is present if needed. 

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